Missing dog leash

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Missing dog leash

Post by Admin on Tue May 02, 2017 1:57 am

In April 13th, 2017 there was a group of 3 men (2 younger, 1 older) who appeared to be dog walkers in the Run (around noon-1:30ish). They had around 15+ dogs between them, with at least 4 of them huge Newfoundlands. I've been told they've been at the Run before. Does anyone know them or know the company they work for? We believe they accidentally took a leather leash that did not belong to them and want to try to track them down. If YOU were in the Run during this time and accidentally grabbed the wrong leash, please let us know so we can facilitate getting the leash back to the owner. We had a dog who was left without a leash to get home as someone must have grabbed it accidentally.

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