Missing Blue Pool

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Missing Blue Pool

Post by Admin on Tue May 02, 2017 2:02 am

At some point between Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning, the blue pool was removed from the Dog Run. We are aware of someone who made several comments about discarding the pool the day before & she was told she had no right to do so & to leave it, by fellow pet parents. The items in the Dog Run do not belong to any individual. No one person has the right to remove, or destroy, any property. We were planning to re-tape the pool after a long winter as, during the heat of the summer, having 2 pools was a good thing. If anyone has any information regarding the pool or who removed it, please let us know. Please know, the Dog Run is intended for dogs & their owners (& guests). If you see someone in the Run who does not have a dog & is causing issues, you can ask them to leave.

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